Rear Roller with Replaceable Shafts

Part # BFO120-001-AO
Rear Roller Assembly (ODD)
Part # BFO120-001-AE
Rear Roller Assembly (EVEN)

  • Solid Steel Replaceable End Shafts
  • Opposite Thread Design for Self Tightening
  • A different type of assembly that can be repaired and reused without having to purchase a new assembly every time.
  • This assembly can replace either shaft on either end of the rear roller by simply threading in a replacement shaft if a bearing or hanger bracket was ever to fail. In turn letting the rear roller to be reused rather than thrown away.
  • Repair your roller assembly in a matter of seconds rather then a few hours.
  • Easier bearing replacement meaning faster routine maintenance and less money for labor.
  • Never have to pay for a new rear roller assembly again in the machines lifetime after you purchase one of these.
  • Repairs would be a fraction of the cost from a brand new rear roller assembly.