Hinge-Less Front Roller

  • No links or hinges to wear out
  • True tracking with any carpet
  • Carpet will always track toward the ball exit
  • Dramatically extends carpet life
  • Automatically actuates to each carpet drift
  • Even old carpets with trimmed edges will track toward the exit
  • Cuts labor and parts costs
  • Use your existing front roller body
  • Comes with everything you need to convert an odd or even machine
  • Patent Pending

Our new roller goes around back and forth without the need for hinges or bearings. We can do this because of a material called Nylube (oil impregnated nylon). It's a specialized industrial type that is so strong it outwears steel.

The roller looks like the old style on the outside, but is very different inside. Instead of hinges there is a solid support that runs from one kickback to the other. There are two solid steel support collars that sit in the bearing supports instead of bearings. The center section doesn't move at all.

Each end of the roller has a Nylube core with a machined end that inclines for 90 degrees on its rotation. The incline acts as a cam, and it's the cam that pushes the roller away from the exit as the carpet drifts. The stationary core has a cam follower on it. The carpet is allowed to drift toward the exit until the Nylube cam contacts the cam follower, then gets pushed away. It's that simple and doesn't rely on the carpet pushing against the edge of the roller to make it work.

That's a tremendous advantage for extended carpet life!