LifeLong Bowling Products

Lifelong International, Inc. has manufactured and supplied High Performance Specialty parts to many centers for years. Our access to worldwide sources enable us to provide nearly anything you may need as well as other innovative products you probably never even knew existed! We offer products and supplies factory direct that are made in house, items obtained from some of the very same wholesalers that supply the other manufacturers, and from select affiliated distributors across the nation and around the world.

Our unique positioning as a manufacturer, distributor and broker allows us to work with other companies in ways that enable us to obtain pricing that is not available to others by any other means. We often can supply items at a lower cost to you than the original manufacturer of a particular product even can.

Over the years there have been many changes in the industry and not all of them have been to the benefit of center owners. Years ago, pinsetter parts were, for the most part, all built well and provided many years of service. These days, parts seem to have a limited lifetime and need to be replaced more frequently. This results in higher parts and labor costs for you. Lifelong's high performance line is built to last, and provide years of service with minimal maintenance and our liaisons help us in providing better service to all of our customers.

We know that changes in the industry over the years have resulted in varying and different challenges for large and small centers. Individually, it's difficult to initiate changes with suppliers and manufacturers that concentrate only on their own bottom line. By working together with combined purchasing power, we can get results that will enable you to lower costs and operate more efficiently and the volume sales will ensure that Lifelong is truly a Lifelong company that will be around forever to ensure that centers are able to facilitate the changes that they need to allow them to grow and change as the Industry changes.