The Triple P Slik Pit


Is your pit board sagging, cracked or warped or carpet have holes or lumps? Is your Ball in front of the cushion on 2nd ball stops? Are your Pins idling on shaker? The Triple P Slik Pit could fix all of that!

Part Number: PPP-TSP

  • Rugged Polycarbonate construction
    (Polycarbonate is a component in bullet resistant windows)
  • Pins slither into pinwheel and balls glide under lift rods
  • measures 33" X 57"   
  • Cleans with soap and water
  • Condition of your shaker board and carpet are not important.
  • FAST!
  • Excellent for emergencies
  • Installs quickly - Simply place Slik-Pit on top of existing carpet
  • Slik-Pit follows the shaker board
  • Repair your shaker at leisure or when budget permits
  • Improves manual triggering
  • Light weight balls effortlessly roll across surface.