Turret Wire Fastener System

imagePart Number: PPP-TWFS
(10 per package)

  • System includes 10
    • 1/4 x 1" bolt
    • lock washer
    • bolt riser
    • threaded fastener
  • Saves Time
  • Reduces Effort
  • Carry Fewer Tools
  • More Positive Securing
  • 1/2" deep threaded fastener has twice as many threads as a standard 1/4" nut and can withstand the firmest securing physically possible without fastener threads deforming.
  • Save valuable time during routine maintenance.
  • Top mounted riser and lock washer allow full bolt head contact with socket or wrench.
  • One tool operation makes checks a snap!
  • Eliminates rounded bolt head corners and bruised knuckles
  • No wrenches needed underneath Turret Wire Platform
  • 1 inch bolt makes full use of all threads in threaded fasteners' 1/2" length allowing stronger securing not possible with standard 1/4" nut!