Lane Minder 2

Lane Minder 2

The tenpintec LaneMinder 2 is an infra-red system designed to warn centre staff when an unauthorised person enters the lane area.

  • Standard unit spans up to 40 lanes
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Visual and audible warning when safety beam is broken
  • Fitted with over-ride buttons to enable staff to carry out maintenance duties - automatic re-activation after an adjustable elapsed time
  • High quality dual-beam infra-red units reliably cover up to 40 lanes
  • Easy installation - new simplified wiring using RJ45 connectors

LaneMinder 2 - Standard

Plus Single Beam warning system. Triggers loud in-built electronic buzzers and high intensity LED array to alert staff and patrons that a person has entered the lane area. Additional buzzers and warning lights can be easily added.

LaneMinder 2 - Standard kit contains

  • Control Box - to be situated at Control Counter. Fitted with electonic buzzer, high brightness flashing LED array for warning when the system has been triggered. Also has temporary time-out control buttons.
  • Power Supply (12VDC) - to run the system
  • Transmit Unit - situated at one end of the lane area. Fitted with electronic buzzer and beam status LED.
  • Receive Unit - situated at the other end of the lane area. Fitted with electronic buzzer and beam status LED.
  • 100 metres of Cat-5 cable to connect components. This is supplied in 2 lengths of 30m and 2 lengths of 20m and is pre-fitted with connectors. Plug-in joiners are also supplied so that the main wiring simply “clicks” together.

LaneMinder 2 - Plus

Two Beam, two stage warning and machine safety shutdown system. First stage beam warns when a person enters the lane area. Second stage beam, situated just in front of the mask unit line, will shut down all machines if the person continues down the lanes to the end.