About ZOT Pinsetter Parts

Denver, Colorado-based ZOT Pinsetter Parts, which was founded in 1964, is a leading manufacturer serving the bowling industry from coast to coast in the U.S.A., and in recent years, worldwide. ZOT offers’ proprietors of AMF and Brunswick equipped centers an attractive alternative source for electronic and mechanical parts and assemblies.

ZOT recognized that there was a far greater need in the industry than simply being just another manufacturer of standard replacement parts. The ZOT philosophy of focusing more on problem solving products began more than three decades ago, with the introduction of the ZOT Conversion . . . a ball accelerator for Brunswick Straight ‘A’   Pinsetters that substantially improved the ball return time, without speeding up the machine.

ZOT’s Unique product line is well established in the bowling industry, and is extremely popular, not only with proprietors . . . but with mechanics too.

Proprietors like ZOT products for many reasons, including that they reduce, or eliminate, crisis breakdowns during league and peak-time open play. 

They offer cost-effective savings through permanent repair solutions in areas which, hitherto, required replacement of parts and/or complete assemblies.  And they like their durability.

Mechanics like ZOT products for their innovative features, like: bolt-on permanent repair solutions which eliminate hazardous on-or-off the machine welding . . . many of which can be fitted without dismantling the assembly.