ZOT's Dura-Life Deck Pads

Model Number: ZOT420297

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This Deck Pad gives you the best of both worlds; the durability of the solid Neoprene rubber style pad with the flexibility of the urethane foam pad. We all know are there benefits and drawbacks to both styles. The solid rubber style never wears out, but they can create concerns with adjusting the detector rod, and they are hard on the pins with the potential of increasing neck cracking and head scalping. The foam style does wear out over time, allowing the steel moving deck to contact the pin. They can also cause issues with detector rod adjustments for single pins with a worn out deck pad.
The Dura-Life Deck Pad features a rugged outer skin for greater durability. Accelerated testing revealed that the average life-cycle of this new chemically engineered polymer product, is “3 time Longer” compared to the OEM product. That means it should last over 3 million cycles.